Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Terrain tiles for 15mm Commands and Colors: Ancients

I've had a couple of days holiday so I've had a bit of time to paint the 90mm MDF tiles, with some help from my wife.

I set up a quick game with them, Pyrrhus against Rome.

 The armies faced each other over a fordable river flowing to the sea.
 Roman Leves by the sea.
 Some of the Romans have taken the high ground overlooking the river.
 The Romans got their feet wet first.
 There was much fighting back and forth across the water.
 The Epirotes drive the Romans back.
 And then play the "Double Time" card to cross the river.
 On the Roman side of the water the Epirotes make short work of the depleted Roman units.

 The Roman General retreats from the wall of pikes and spears.

Pyrrhus is victorious.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Commands and Colors Ancients

Regular visitors will know of my fondness for Richard Borgs Commands and Colors series. I decided to make a larger board in order to use my 15mm ancients collection.
So I bought some MDF hex bases some 1220mm X 900mm MDF board and some green paint. Then I got going this afternoon, I still have most of the terrain hexes to paint into rivers etc., but I set up a game...

 Romans and Seleucids line up for a scrap.
 A look at the Roman left.
 Antiochus with his bent kontos leads his right wing.

 The Romans have their maniples in chequerboard formation. No difference to the rules but I can fit them into the hex that way.
 A lot of skirmishing went on with the Romans being very effective.

 A change in the light and the camera settings makes the green look a lot different.
 With all his heavy cavalry destroyed Antiochus shelters behind his phalanx.
 The Romans advance to attack the phalanx.

With the phalanx falling back the Seleucids concede. A seven to two victory for Rome.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Hail Caesar-Seleucids and Indians.

I had a game of Hail Caesar today using my 15mm chappies with 28mm unit footprint and measurements.

 The Seleucids, on the right, planned to pin the Indians with their infantry division while the cavalry smash the Indian right wing.
 The Indian left stand off and shoot at the phalanx with little effect.
 The Seleucid sub-general puts his Cretan archers in the rough ground.
 Antiochus and his Companions and Agema.
 Crunch!, the Indian Heavy Chariots charge the Cataphracts.
 The Indian horse are broken.
 Antiochus attacks the infantry, throwing himself into the melee with decisive effect.
 The chariots are now disordered and giving ground.
 Indian infantry flee the field.
  And the chariots break.

Victory to the Seleucids.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Dragon Rampant - action in Middle Earth.

I had a couple of games of Daniel Merseys Dragon Rampant this week. Based on his Lion Rampant Medieval rules they give a good game.

 Aragorn faces a Reaper Demon.
 A Ringwraith leads the baddies.
 The Rohirrim.
 Men of Gondor advance in support of Aragorn.
 Some very old Medievals making up the numbers.
 Mirkwood spiders. I don't like spiders!.
And Mordor Orcs. I statted these as light foot and made them fearful which made them suitably brittle.

A good set of rules with vast potential.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Tanks again.

I'm having a lot of fun with this " old west gunfight with tanks" game. It is so rules lite, I rarely look at the rules book.

 The Panther that came in the boxed game.
 I bought a couple more Shermans to give me four.
 Barkmanns Panther brews up!.
 A StuG cops it.
 Wrecked tanks everywhere.
 Cards and tokens.
 Critical hit cards.
 I introduced the chance of bogging down to stop them whizzing through the trees.
You could play this game in any scale,  to use larger models you would only need a bigger arrow and a bigger table. Now then, I do have 1/72, 1/48 and even 1/35 scale models, hmm...