Sunday, 16 October 2016

Stand To, 2016

We had a ride down to Shildon today to the wargames show Stand To. Here are some photos...

A very nice Sudan game.

 More desert action. Rapid Fire!, Knightsbridge I believe.

 A nice looking 40k game.

We had a nice look around, we had a look at the trains too. We had a nice lunch as well, and I bought myself some very nice Leven Miniatures 6mm buildings which I have primed already. I also bought this for only £10.
                                Image result for neil thomas wargaming nineteenth century europe
I'm very pleased with it.

A grand day out!.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Commands and Colors : Lobositz

Today I set up a game of Commands and Colors and based the scenario on the battle of Lobositz. I used some of my 1/72nd plastic Imaginations toy soldiers to battle in the guise of Austrians and Prussians.
I sketched out some statistics and based the game on Commands and Colors Napoleonics.

 A view of the Austrian right flank.
 The left flank with units behind the Morellenbach.
 A view down the Prussian line, the Lobosch in the foreground. The Austrians started the battle strongly with a succession of good cards to batter the Prussian centre. But they became spent and the Prussians reinforced their centre before counterattacking and routing the Austrian centre.
 The Austrians finally begin to cross the Morellenbach.
 Last card of the game sees the Austrian artillery destroyed by the Prussian cavalry charge!.
 I enjoyed the game so much that I set up a fictional scenario with the same forces. Here are some shots of the set up...

 Once again the Austrians started strongly and were winning six banners to nil at one point. Then the pendulum swung...

 Which idiot deployed that cannon there!.

 The last card of this game saw Prussian musket fire smashing the Austrians.
 The Prussians won eight banners to six!.
 I love this game system, I really do.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Memoir 44 in 15mm and English Civil War.

 After playing Commands and Colors Ancients to death over the last few weeks, I fancied a change. I brought out my Flames of War collection to play Memoir 44 on my board.

 I had to use 6mm buildings for the towns but it was OK.
 I played an Operation Goodwood scenario from the Days of Wonder website.
 Tigers on the prowl.
 The game played very well, but my collection has limited scope for Memoir 44.
 I could maybe use my 1/72nd models.
 Bit I think it would shine with 1/300th models.

 We had a visitor to the bird feeder today so I gave him some of the birds mealworms.
 He loved them and was in the garden most of the day eating and sleeping. Cute!.
 This afternoon I got out some 28mm English Civil War models and had a game based on Commands and Colors Napoleonics.
 I sketched out some rule amends and got to it.
 It played well also.
 Cavalry battles raged to and fro.
And the battle was decided by the infantry clash.

Loved it.

Now Tony at link has a well developed ruleset for Commands and Colors ECW which I will download and use in future. His blog is brilliant and has been a great source of inspiration for me.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Terrain tiles for 15mm Commands and Colors: Ancients

I've had a couple of days holiday so I've had a bit of time to paint the 90mm MDF tiles, with some help from my wife.

I set up a quick game with them, Pyrrhus against Rome.

 The armies faced each other over a fordable river flowing to the sea.
 Roman Leves by the sea.
 Some of the Romans have taken the high ground overlooking the river.
 The Romans got their feet wet first.
 There was much fighting back and forth across the water.
 The Epirotes drive the Romans back.
 And then play the "Double Time" card to cross the river.
 On the Roman side of the water the Epirotes make short work of the depleted Roman units.

 The Roman General retreats from the wall of pikes and spears.

Pyrrhus is victorious.