Sunday, 5 February 2017

Honours of War

Today I played a scenario from One Hour Wargames using Keith Flints SYW rules Honours of War published by Osprey. 

 The Eisenburgers in white had to hold both the village and the hill while the Altsteiners in blue would win by capturing either.
 Both sides had seven battalions of foot, two squadrons of horse and four light guns the Altsteiners also had a unit of Jager.
 Fighting for the village.
 Von Essling has prepared a trap for the Altsteiners attempting to outflank the village.
 While the hill is well defended.
 Von Bruckenheim pushes his men towards the hill.

 The Hecksheim regiment advance two battalions into the trap!.
 These two opposing units have five hits and are done for.
 The bluecoats win the cavalry battle.
 But the hill cannot be taken.
 All the Altstein line infantry stream from the field.
 The village has held too.
A good game. I like these rules, I left out the rules for commanders being hit and I rated all the commanders as dependable in order to keep things simple.

A good set of rules though, I recommend them to anyone interested in mid 18th Century wargames.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

A return to One Hour Wargames.

Although I haven't blogged for some time I have done plenty of wargaming.

In recent weeks I have played Commands and Colors Napoleonics and Ancients, Warhammer Ancient Battles, War and Conquest and a couple of Napoleonic boardgames. Today I fancied yet another change and gave One Hour Wargames a run out...

 My imaginations toys came out and a grand time was had.
 In this scenario the armies were fighting to control a crossroads and a hill.
 The Eisenburg Musketeers.
 The shirmishers are up against it.
 Oh dear!.
 A firefight rages up and down the line.

 The Heydenbruck Regiment approach the hill.
 Having destroyed the skirmishers the Blue Hussars prepare to roll up the flank.
 The line starts to crumble.

 The Altstein Musketeers recoil leaving the crossroads.
 But the Essling Grenadiers join the rout.
 Then the Eisenburg Musketeers get hit in the flank.
 The skirmishers flee from the Heydenbruckers.
 The game is over by turn eight. It was good fun though and for once I played the rules as written with no tinkering at all!.
 So I set up another one to play tomorrow night.
 The defended town looks like Toytown.
 I love it!.

 The attackers.
 The hill has to be defended too.

It's gonna be good.

Monday, 5 December 2016

CC:N Waterloo played.

Well I played the game last night till bedtime and finished it tonight. Here are some photos of the finished game. As always the game was packed with incident and drama and very entertaining.

 The French had very little remaining of their centre, even the Old Guard were destroyed attempting to take La Haye Sainte.
 Both Hougomont and Pappelotte were taken by the French but they were quickly evicted from both strongpoints.
 Their last gamble was a cavalry attack which was subsequently defeated by an Allied cavalry charge.
 Eight banners for the Allies.
 Only six for the French.
A smashing game, I enjoyed playing it on the larger board. I own the Austrian and Russian expansions and the Prussian expansion may be brought by Santa Claus.

Happy days!.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Commands and Colors Napoleonics

After many games of Conan, all very enjoyable, I fancied a change. So I set up the Waterloo scenario on my big MDF board with some 3D terrain...

 La Haye Sainte
I'll play this later, maybe a strong French attack on the relatively weak Allied left wing. But who knows what will happen with a game of Commands and Colors!.

Friday, 28 October 2016

The coming of Conan.

I have been enjoying a weeks holiday from work and had planned to get some games with the Neil Thomas 19th century rules I recently bought.

But last week my long awaited and sometimes completely forgotten about Conan kickstarter thudded through the letterbox. Conan by Monolith Box

Two muckle big boxes filled with goodies. All of the components are top quality, there is so much stuff I was quite overwhelmed and didn't know where to start.

I tried a the first scenario a couple of times solo and found the rules as written very hard to follow and full of holes. However, I found help on line and my wife and I had a game which was fantastic. We have played the scenarios many times now. Here is the helpful video.  video link

When it hasn't been played I've been re-reading the Conan stories, it's become all consuming.

When the kickstarter came out I was fairly interested but had no intention of backing it. It is the only kickstarter I have had anything to do with. It was my son John who talked me into it, I told him it would probably be hard to play solo and he said that he would play it with me. So I bought it.

Of course that was eighteen months ago and now he's at university, but I am very glad that he persuaded me. I can play it solo too.


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Stand To, 2016

We had a ride down to Shildon today to the wargames show Stand To. Here are some photos...

A very nice Sudan game.

 More desert action. Rapid Fire!, Knightsbridge I believe.

 A nice looking 40k game.

We had a nice look around, we had a look at the trains too. We had a nice lunch as well, and I bought myself some very nice Leven Miniatures 6mm buildings which I have primed already. I also bought this for only £10.
                                Image result for neil thomas wargaming nineteenth century europe
I'm very pleased with it.

A grand day out!.