Sunday, 7 August 2016

Hail Caesar-Seleucids and Indians.

I had a game of Hail Caesar today using my 15mm chappies with 28mm unit footprint and measurements.

 The Seleucids, on the right, planned to pin the Indians with their infantry division while the cavalry smash the Indian right wing.
 The Indian left stand off and shoot at the phalanx with little effect.
 The Seleucid sub-general puts his Cretan archers in the rough ground.
 Antiochus and his Companions and Agema.
 Crunch!, the Indian Heavy Chariots charge the Cataphracts.
 The Indian horse are broken.
 Antiochus attacks the infantry, throwing himself into the melee with decisive effect.
 The chariots are now disordered and giving ground.
 Indian infantry flee the field.
  And the chariots break.

Victory to the Seleucids.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Dragon Rampant - action in Middle Earth.

I had a couple of games of Daniel Merseys Dragon Rampant this week. Based on his Lion Rampant Medieval rules they give a good game.

 Aragorn faces a Reaper Demon.
 A Ringwraith leads the baddies.
 The Rohirrim.
 Men of Gondor advance in support of Aragorn.
 Some very old Medievals making up the numbers.
 Mirkwood spiders. I don't like spiders!.
And Mordor Orcs. I statted these as light foot and made them fearful which made them suitably brittle.

A good set of rules with vast potential.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Tanks again.

I'm having a lot of fun with this " old west gunfight with tanks" game. It is so rules lite, I rarely look at the rules book.

 The Panther that came in the boxed game.
 I bought a couple more Shermans to give me four.
 Barkmanns Panther brews up!.
 A StuG cops it.
 Wrecked tanks everywhere.
 Cards and tokens.
 Critical hit cards.
 I introduced the chance of bogging down to stop them whizzing through the trees.
You could play this game in any scale,  to use larger models you would only need a bigger arrow and a bigger table. Now then, I do have 1/72, 1/48 and even 1/35 scale models, hmm...

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

TANKS by Gale Force Nine. A review of sorts.

The best Fathers Day present ever arrived the other day...

Today my new moss green fleece material arrived to replace my tatty boards. So I put them together and set up a game.
 Three German StuGs face two Russian T34/85s. 50 points each.

 The number tokens show how fast the vehicles have moved.
 This StuG takes to the woods to outflank the Russians.
 Shooting, a T34 rolls five green dice, 4 and 5 score a hit and 6 scores a critical hit.
The StuG rolls five grey dice in defence the 5s cancel the Russian 5s but the two 6s cause two critical hits on the StuG.

 The other T34 rolls six dice, all miss!.
 The StuG return fire causes a critical hit but the damage gets repaired in the command phase.
 I was going to do a blow by blow account of the battle but I lost a photo and I think it may be a bit boring and longwinded. So I'll just post some more shots of the game.

 A close up of one of the critical damage cards drawn at random from a deck.
 Close range!!!. Shooting actually has infinite range on the recommended three foot square table, if you can see it you can hit it.

 With a badly damaged T34.
 The badly damaged StuG, has taken four hits out of five, decides to withdraw and concede the game.
 I do like the movement widget.

I like this game, the starter set is relatively cheap with good quality components including three tank kits. The game is a nice light short and sweet filler game that lasts roughly 30 minutes. There will be many expansions to give it some legs too.

Thanks to Boardgameguru for great service and a very keen price. link