Sunday, 11 April 2010

WORLD WAR TWO in 28mm Western Front.

Germans lurking.
German HQ and reserve lurking.

The German right flank.

The US recce jeeps arrive.

More Germans lurking.

The Americans arrive in force.

The Americans push forward.

DAKKA, DAKKA, DAKKA... the yanks shoot up the churchyard!.

Two Shermans are immobilised by the Pak 40s.But both crews stick with their tanks and continue to shoot.

One of the Hetzers is destroyed by the advancing Shermans.

But not without inflicting some loss.

Easy coy. advancing through the churchyard.

The US mortars arrive and begin stonking the German positions.

A Pak 40 is KO'd.

The German reserves attack.

The German right flank is under pressure.

The Americans push forward through the German defences.

Way to go!, the Hetzer takes a hit from the bazooka team.

German resistance ends.

Soldiers - Westwind and Artizan
Vehicles -Corgi and Tamiya
Rules - Fire and Movement (homebrew)

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