Thursday, 27 May 2010

Hordes of the things - Barbarians attack the Empire

The largely mercenary Empire army.
The barbarian invaders.
The Empire stronghold.
The barbarians are mainly GW Marauders.
The Empire Hero General.
The barbarians have a Hero too !.
GW Empire knights and Dogs of War.
Tilean pikes and crossbows.
The Empire magician.
The barbarians Behemoth is a rubber kids toy, still slightly sticky years after painting and varnishing.
Conan and his girl, Asgard and Barry Minot miniatures from decades ago.
I fancied a try out of HotT and blu-tacked some of my collection to some temporary card bases.
A good game , I enjoyed it a lot and look forward to using some other armies.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Rapid Fire Russians: SU-152

I picked up these Pegasus 1/72nd SU-152's at Modelzone at half price (£2.99 for a box of two vehicles) a few weeks back. The kits are very nice with only 32 pieces to each vehicle and very easy to assemble. The tracks are moulded on and are simplified but still far superior to Italeri's fast assembly kits.
I painted them today and I'm very pleased with them. The crewman is an old Esci KV-1 chappie that has laid around for years ( I knew that I'd kept him for some reason).
What a fine looking and effective vehicle the SU-152 was, the Russkies certainly knew how to build tanks and how to make the best of obsolete models.