Monday, 9 August 2010

Black Powder Napoleonics in 2mm.

The Russians defend the high ground.
The French advance.
2 battalions of French smash into a Russian battalion in line.
The rest of the brigade approaches the other line.
And the French heavy cavalry charge the Russian cavalry.
Most of the Russian artillery is emplaced in redoubts.
The French attack one of the redoubts taking fire on the way.
And fall back decimated and disordered.
The victorious French Cuirassieurs force a Russian battalion into square.
The French manage to outflank the Russians and after some hard fighting eventually defeat the stubborn Russian defence.

4 Line battalions
2 Gun batteries
1 Cuirassieur squadron
1 Dragoon squadron
1 Chasseur a Cheval squadron

3 Line battalions
3 Gun batteries
1 Cuirassieur squadron
1 Dragoon squadron
1 Hussar squadron

The figure to man ratio is roughly 1 to 2 men.

A Grand Day Out.

We had a grand day out at Hartlepool yesterday. here's me and John at the wheel of the Trincomalee.
The stern, a fine ship indeed.
This small cannon shot a piece of rope into the harbour and made a hell of a bang for such a small gun, God knows what a big cannon would sound like.

The Trincomalee was a Royal Navy frigate built in Bombay in 1817.
Back home... sunburned, splitting headache and in a foul mood. A face that could curdle milk!.
But still a grand day out.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Victrix Napoleonics.

The flash makes the blue appear lighter than it really is.

Here are some dodgy shots of my first French unit for Black Powder.
After much thought I plumped for a standard unit size of 18 figures on 6 stands giving a 1:40 figure ratio.
I really enjoyed painting these 28mm, it made a nice change from all those 1/72nd scale figures that I painted in the last year (640 of the little blighters).
I also enjoyed building the Victrix models they are excellent IMO. I did manage to break a bayonet during painting and I do wonder how well they'll fare when the dice start flying around them.