Friday, 29 October 2010

AK-47 Republic so far.

 Two units of Regular Infantry.
 A large unit of Militia, I have another one like this to paint.
 The Militia are made by Old Glory.
 The T-55 is also from Old Glory.
 The Militia have a mortar.
 The Regulars are from Peter Pig.
I thought that I'd mixed the green too light but I think it looks OK. I have two more of these to build and paint.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

AK-47 Republic

 As a side project to my 28mm Napoleonics I went off on a big contrast - AK-47 15mm Modern Africans.
 I put this T-55 together today with glue and lots of Milliput.
 Instead of 30mm square bases I'm using 25mm round bases (2p sized ! ).
The tank is from Old Glory and the Regular infantry from Peter Pig.

Lots to follow...