Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Shiny new toys!.

Here is the first of my Reaper Minis painted up as Conan himself in an effort to update my collection.
One other has arrived but the rest of my order has yet to come ( another couple of weeks maybe).

Also on show are GW's Arcane Ruins which I painted today, very Hyborian I reckon.


  1. I like the sanddtone look/ I think I've only ever seen them painted grey and this looks so much better! :-)

  2. Thanks very much phf, there is a sand coloured version on the box and I thought the same so I copied it.


    1. Hi Paul, any chance you could tell me how you painted these ruins (wash, drybrush etc)? I am about to do mine and want to get the same effect :-)
      many thanks

    2. I've just spotted your comment Mike, I painted these nearly three years ago but I recall that I didn't prime them as the weather wasn't suitable for spray cans. I painted them with Tamiya sand no.59, a dark brown wash and highlighted with GW Bleached Bone drybrushed, I may have done some further drybrushing with white mixed with Bleached Bone.

      Thanks for your interest,