Saturday, 19 February 2011

Hyborian Adventures

 One the best Christmas presents ever!. 900+ pages of joy.
 I'm delighted with this set of tiles, vastly superior to anything I've owned before.
 The box is packed with rooms, corridors and features.
 BoL, a great find these have been, they suit the genre very well indeed.
 A young Conan, from Reaper via Leisure Games ( great service).
 A fearsome foe for Conan, a mummy lord.
 A Medusa, she could turn you to stone.
 Another mummy for the Stygian underworld.
 An older Conan.
 An older Conan with the flash on.
 A fierce Grey Ape.
And again with the flash on, I might stop using it!.

I am working on more - eastern warriors and a huge cobra.

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