Sunday, 13 March 2011

Rapid Fire!, Eastern Front

It must be about three years since I played Rapid Fire!.

Over the bridge.

The Germans hold a strong position.
A concealed PaK-40 covers the right flank.
The Russians cross the river.
A lucky shot KO's a Ferdinand.

     The advance continues.                                 
An SU-152 is brewed up by the remaining Ferdinand.            
Forward Comrades!.

The cavalry advance on the flank.

The attack is getting close now.

The Luftwaffe arrive and start bombing the Soviet PBI.

The minefields thin the Soviet ranks, particularly the cavalry.

A MiG-3 arrives but the Me-109 gets on his tail!.

The Luftwaffe see off the VVS.

The last SU-152 is now destroyed..

A German trench using chopped up toy soldiers.

Fire support, Italeri 76.2mm guns.

The German command look on as the Soviets retreat.

The toys include Britannia, Italeri, Revell. Pegasus, Airfix, Hobby Boss, Irregular Miniatures and Dragon.


  1. Hi Paul -
    I wondered where you had disappeared to these last several months! But I'd simply forgotten to add this blogspot to my links list.
    Great set up. Enjoyed watching what is a rare thing on a WW2 wargames table (in my experience): a set piece attack on a prepared position.
    One day soon (once I've faced up to surveying the damage the 22 Feb quake caused) I'll start posting my WW2 and other stuff on my blog. You and I seem to share very similar tastes. By the way, my own 30YW armies are also Revell. Except for some HaT Mamelukes that have entered Imperial service as Croats...

  2. Thanks very much Ion, I missed your comment till now.

    I saw your blog posts about the earthquake,I can't imagine what it must be like.

    Take care,