Sunday, 10 April 2011

Black Powder - Thirty Years War - Battle!.

Here is my first battle using my unpainted plastic TYW armies using Black Powder rules by Warlord Games. I haven't photographed the game move by move as it is quite a while since I've used these rules and I needed to concentrate on the game, but here is an overview.

 The Imperialist centre.The C-in-C is Tilly.
 The right wing.
 Pappenheim on the left.
 The Swedes left wing.
 The centre.
 Baner on the right.I gave the Swedish cavalry the Ferocious Charge rule.
 C-in-C.The King of Sweden.
 The town is ablaze.
 I gave the Imperialists a command rating of 8 and the Swedes 9.
 All move distances were halved, I only have a 6x4 table.
 The Swedish infantry are in standard sized units :-  HtH 3, Sh 3, St 3.
 Charging the guns is a disaster in this case!.
 The cavalry battle is fierce.
 The tercios are large units with a Stamina of 4 and all the units containing pikes have a special rule akin to a square but don't need to change formation to benefit from it.

 This doesn't happen often, re-roll required!.
 The end for Pappenheims brigade.
 The Imperialist centre is under pressure.
Aldringers brigade is broken too and the battle is won by the Swedes.

A great game, thoroughly enjoyed, I think the game has an "epic" feel to it.


  1. (Hmmm, my second try at commenting)
    Great blogs! I love your colourful armies! But the wargame with unpainted figures is nostalgic for me. I remember a variation of Waterloo I played with all my Airfix and Giant HO toys almost 40 years ago inspired by a Napoleonic chess set that was being advertised on tv. Mind you, my knees were more supple then.
    Here's a link to another gamer who is doing a variation of Little Wars that has me thinking:

    1. Thanks very much Doug, an interesting link too.