Sunday, 22 May 2011

Toy Soldier Wargame Rules - v.2 Playtest.

 All is quiet in the vicinity of the ruined workshop.
 French Zouaves advance past grazing cattle.

 The Germans capture the workshop.
 The hedgerow doesn't save these two fellas.
 The Germans advance.
 Marching Zouaves, Hat models.
Armies In Plastic Germans 1/32nd scale.
Lurking in the workshop.
 With a rapid advance ( a 2d6 score of 11), the Germans get within close range.
 With devastating consequences for the Zouaves.
 Hand to hand fighting on the hilltop.
 Those Zouaves are good fighters!.
 More Germans attack.
 The Zouaves are still fighting like demons.
 This time the Germans outnumber the French 2 to1.
 With predictable results.
And take the hill.
 With only three French soldiers left lurking behind the hedge the game is over.
I tweaked the first draft of the rules slightly (click on the picture for a closer look).

I'm pleased with the rules up to now and I'm looking forward to bringing in cannons and cavalry.

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