Sunday, 8 May 2011

Toy Soldiers - Germans painted!.

 Armies In Plastic WW1 Germans painted up as circa.1900.

 I was lucky and there were five extra soldiers in my box.I trimmed off grenades and some telescopic rifle sights and painted over the collars to fit the earlier time frame.The two grenadiers in the box have been saved for their heads which I plan to use to convert some artillery crew.
 I've had this book for over 20 years, I knew it would come in handy one day!.

 The book has some lovely contemporary illustrations from 1900. Sorry about the camera flash, I took these shots during a thunderstorm and it was pretty dark in the house at the time.

 In the distance are my HaT French Zouves half painted.I'm going to put some more paint on this afternoon.
 They got a coat of pva and a coat of Klear/Future to achieve a good gloss finish. I do intend to paint the underside of the bases green and "wrap around " PVA and Klear to totally seal the paint job.

I'm delighted with these soldiers and look forward to getting them on the table.


  1. It pays to hang on to books!

    These guys look good in blue.


  2. Thanks very much, Ross.

    I've just finished the French Zouaves, I'll gloss them tomorrow night and hopefully get a game on thursday (day off).