Sunday, 15 May 2011

Toy Soldiers - Taking the bridge.

 Sorry, but I didn't think to get the camera till the game was a few moves in.
The Germans reach the bridge first ( the rule giving the officers a movement die re-roll aided them here).

 The French seek cover as casualties mount.
 The French right flank company advance and shoot at the German supports.
 Who are in cover behind the hedge but still lose a casualty.

 The French have occupied the ruin.
 But have taken many casualties.
 The French right hand company wheel to attack the Germans storming the over the bridge.
 But the German support company advances to counter the French advance.
 The Germans attack the French occupiying the ruined buiding.
 German rifle fire within the yellow zone (5 or 6 to hit) is deadly for the French who lose four men.
 The Germans line the river bank to shoot down the French sergeant and the private who are still attacking the bridgehead ( there are no morale rules at present, I let them fight to the last man toy soldier style).
 Desperate defence.
 The last man bravely fights on!.
 But falls!.
The Germans are victorious.

The forces in this short battle were as follows :-
French - three companys of five men each led by a sergeant. 18 in total.
Germans - two companies of ten and eleven men each led by an officer. 23 in total.

The sergeants give a shooting re-roll and the officers a movement re-roll which adds a little tactical interest to the game.The rules used are shown on an earlier post.

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