Thursday, 23 June 2011

1/35th Scale World War Two

 Italeri Shermans.
 Italeri Chaffee and Tamiya GIs.
 Advancing along a hedgerow.
 Bazooka versus StuG.
 Panzerschreck team lurking.
 Academy models.
 Tamiya German motorcycle.
 Tamiya US mortar team.
 Tamiya GI.
 Tamiya German Panzergrenadiers.
 And again.
 Academy Panzerfaust.
 Tamiya MG34 team running.
 Tamiya Hanomag.
 Ben Gazzara blazing away, the hero of many a battle.
 Italeri Sherman close up.
 Birds eye view.
 Rushing forward.
German armour.

After the game on Sunday I got some of these out to photograph them.

I must get a game with them sometime, I used to use Warhammer 40k based rules for them I'll have to find them and give them a go sometime.

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