Monday, 25 July 2011

Go Outdoors - Toy Soldier Battle

 The Germans deployed.
 The wind kept blowing them over and they were tricky to stand up.
 The French deployed.
 Toy soldiers in their natural environment.
 The battlefield.
 While moving the Zouaves Carol got hold of this worm which caused her to fail her morale test and flee indoors till I redeployed the offending worm.

I can't say too much as I had a run in with a largish spider who was lurking under the rocks I set up in the middle of the battlefield. Such are the joys of active service in the field.
 Carol having rallied and returned continues moving the French.
 The German artillery is put out of action.
 French lancers lurking.
 The German lancers attempt to take cover behind the rocks.

 The French gunners aim at the lancers and kill them all with well aimed shooting. Six hits from ten dice needing five or six to hit!.
 Close range rifle fire kills many French soldiers.
 The French left wing is defeated.
 The French lancers charge home and the German left wing is defeated.It started raining soon after this.
We had a fun game and provided some entertainment for the lady next door.

The rules were adapted a little, move rates were set and increased to 18" for infantry and 36" for cavalry.
Must have another outside battle sometime with more terrain features.


  1. Nice to see the Toy Soldiers out and about ! Have based mine on larger bases to help them stand up. The British weather ALWAYS has the last say though !.

  2. Very impressive and looks like fun!

  3. Thanks chaps, it was fun, we were glad that the cats from two doors down didn't turn up though, it might have been carnage.

  4. That looked great! Except for the spider--they scare me so much I can't even watch the Shelob episode in the LOR movies! (Not too macho, I know.) Anyway, I recall looking at your original rules with great interest (before you added cavalry and artillery)--is there a current version about?

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

  5. Thanks Chris, I've posted the current version for you.

  6. Paul,

    For what it's worth, I wanted to share my thoughts on forming a French Army during this period. The cut of the basic uniform did not change from around 1840 to 1940. The colors did, of course, and the helmet replaced the kepi in 1915. That being the case, though, WWI French can be used, with the head replaced by an ACW head (without a beard). Alternatively, FFL troops can be used, as the havelock was occasionally seen on the mainland. The main change is to remove the epaulettes, as they disappeared when Nap III abdicated.

    French Territorial Troops can be made from ACW infantry wearing the frock coat. Most wore half-gaiters, but not all did, so that is not really a problem, either.

    Artillery crew are straight ACW figures.

    Cavalry is more of a problem. French lancers looked pretty similar to German. Cuirassier uniforms hadn't changed too much since 1815--mostly the pants were a lot baggier--so they can be used as is (with a little squinting).

    Of course, you're probably WAY ahead of me on all of this...

    Best regards,


  7. I forgot to mention that French Hussars by 1870 had adopted the kepi, so garden-variety hussar bodies will work. Of course, all this head-snatching from ACW figures will mean a lot of headless figures will be lying around, but fortunately almost any set of ACW figures will have enough dorkily posed-figures that the loss shouldn't be too great!


  8. Thanks for your very interesting comments Chris,I'm sorry that I haven't responded sooner but I haven't done much blogging in the last two weeks.
    I'm not really planning to take my German and French "armies" any further really as I have enough to give a game on my 6x4 table.
    Having said that I have been fancying Armies In Plastic Egyptians/Turks and possibly Russian opponents.

    Thanks again,