Monday, 11 July 2011

Hail Caesar - first try out.

Time for a 6mm game of Hail Caesar.
 Gauls to the left and Romans on the right.
 The Roman camp.
 The Gallic battleline.
 Irregular Miniatures 6mm Romans.
 Heroics & Ros and Irregular Miniatures Gauls.
 The Roman battleline.
 The armies get stuck in.
 The Gallic right wing cavalry are defeated and fall back in disorder. Green dice with a !.
 The Roman right wing in fierce combat with the Gallic warbands.
 The Roman right wins.
 The Roman left wing has seen off all of the warbands.
 The Romans are still strong.
The Gallic Chieftain accepts defeat.
A good game, these rules seem to be very good.


  1. Greetings from San Antonio, Texas. Love the rules set. Just having trouble finding an opponent. Willing to play them.

    Dale Himebaugh

  2. Thanks Bronco,
    I think the initial lack of army lists put some folk off.