Sunday, 23 January 2011

Barbarians of Lemuria playtest.

 Conan in a bid to save his woman from an evil sorcerer who is holding her captive in his stronghold, enters through the sewers. He rolls high and gets through the outer gate quietly.
And through the doors, his thieving skills are still of use.
 A couple of Shemite archers have their game rudely interrupted by a rather cross barbarian.
 Conan beats the guards but has taken some punishment in so doing.
 He can't open the next door and has to smash it down. Which brings unwanted attention from four more guards.
 Conan deals with the first two quite quickly.
 The Shemites' hands are trembling as they manage to miss their target!.
 Conan hacks them down but takes another wound.
 Smashing down the next door he finds that he has awoken a Grey Ape kept by the sorcerer in this part of the mansion.
 The wounds sustained in the fight can be seen by the pips on the dice. Conan is in trouble now, he used up all his Hero points and sustained five hits getting past the guards.
 With a mighty swing he almost kills the beast.
 But falls, brained by the huge bone wielded by the ape.
The evil Gilgath terrorises his captive free from interruptions.

An enjoyable game this. I used the free downloadable rules but I read somewhere that NPC "minion" types have only 3 hit points rather than the 5 hit points that I used. This would have made the guards easier for Conan to overcome and he may have been in better shape to take on the Grey Ape.

I'll try the game again with this amendment.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Shiny new toys!.

Here is the first of my Reaper Minis painted up as Conan himself in an effort to update my collection.
One other has arrived but the rest of my order has yet to come ( another couple of weeks maybe).

Also on show are GW's Arcane Ruins which I painted today, very Hyborian I reckon.