Sunday, 26 June 2011

French Lancers finished and a belated Fathers Day gift.

 I finished these chaps last night.
 Armies in Plastic British Lancers painted as Frenchies.

It came a little late for Fathers Day but I was delighted to get it.
Pity I've got to go to work today, with all this lovely hobby stuff.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

1/35th Scale World War Two

 Italeri Shermans.
 Italeri Chaffee and Tamiya GIs.
 Advancing along a hedgerow.
 Bazooka versus StuG.
 Panzerschreck team lurking.
 Academy models.
 Tamiya German motorcycle.
 Tamiya US mortar team.
 Tamiya GI.
 Tamiya German Panzergrenadiers.
 And again.
 Academy Panzerfaust.
 Tamiya MG34 team running.
 Tamiya Hanomag.
 Ben Gazzara blazing away, the hero of many a battle.
 Italeri Sherman close up.
 Birds eye view.
 Rushing forward.
German armour.

After the game on Sunday I got some of these out to photograph them.

I must get a game with them sometime, I used to use Warhammer 40k based rules for them I'll have to find them and give them a go sometime.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

More Toy Soldier Wargaming.

 The French advance. Being outnumbered I let the French move twice before bringing on the Germans.
 The Germans arrive on the field.
 The French form a firing line.
 And the artillery deployed.
 At long range (36" +) the French cannon fires with effect.
 The Germans press on, manhandling their cannon. ( I ain't got no teams yet)
 The German Uhlans boldly advance.
 Long range German rifle fire kills a French sergeant.
 But the French cannon replies with devastating accuracy.
 The other Germans are in dead ground.
 As are the Uhlans.
 They shelter behind the hill. Mmmm...54mm's don't exactly fit behind said hill!.
 After immense labour the German gun is deployed and shoots at that pesky French cannon.
 10 dice, 5 or 6 to hit. Oh dear...
 The French cannon returns fire - 4 hits!.
 Oh dear...
 The Uhlans take a chance ( random movement can be tricky ) and charge the skulking Zouaves.
 The German infantry break cover.
 Despite defending the hedge the Zouaves are killed.
The French form a firing line but only manage to kill the bugler.
 The Uhlans charge.
 The other French company advance to take on the German infantry.
 Those lances are deadly.
 The French cannon is still taking a toll.
 A ferocious melee.
 An Uhlan gets killed by two Zouaves.
 But they are soon outnumbered.
 It can only end one way.
 Close fighting.
 The Uhlans charge the pesky French gun.
 And the Zouaves attack the Germans.
 Tough fighters those Zouaves !.
 It's curtains for the gunners, though.

A great game, an honourable draw I reckon.
Next up. French Lancers...