Thursday, 29 March 2012

Memoir '44 - Eastern Front

Here are a few shots from a scenario from the Eastern Front expansion with the addition of some snow covered hills downloaded and glued to mounting board.

The hills were made available to me by a member of the Memoir '44 forum and were originally made by someone going by the name of Dirkgent.

The people on the forum seem very helpful and friendly.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Memoir '44 still going strong!.

I'm still enjoying Memoir '44 and now am the proud owner of the Eastern Front expansion and the winter/desert board. I also treat myself to a box of the new Airfix British Infantry to better represent the British, Canadian and Polish units.

Here are some shots from a Gold Beach scenario downloaded from the Days Of Wonder website.

 The Airfix Brits look pretty good.
 German defenders in Le Hamel.
 Hitting the beach!.
 The card that enabled an Allied victory.
 Le Hamel and the Customshouse are taken.
Losses were quite high, though.

A 6 - 3 victory for the Allies.

I've been playing Memoir '44 several times a week now both on the board and online and I think it's great.