Saturday, 21 April 2012

28mm Soviet Army started

Here are the first parts of my 28mm Russian World War Two army. The T-34/85 is a Corgi 1:50 diecast model and the infantry are Westwind and a single Black Tree.

These are the first things I've painted for months and isn't my best work but I reckon they will do. The infantry will be based when I get some more PVA glue.

I bought these models about five years ago and I bought a Hobbyboss T-34 to go with them a couple of years ago but when I came to build it last week I realised that a frame of parts was missing. It will maybe do for spares. I since discovered that Tamiya have just released a JS-2 in 1:48th scale so I will purchase one soon.

 The Corgi tank has had a bit of a repaint and I used the Hobbyboss decals.

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