Sunday, 17 June 2012

1/72nd Moderns

Here are some old models tarted up, they are all Esci with the exception of an Airfix Scorpion Tank that I built as a boy, probably about 1975.

They represent a Middle East Alliance force for Battlefield Evolution and it totals about 1,000 points.

 The Command squad.
 Esci Spetznaz soldiers.
 The flag is from Warflag trimmed to fit.
 Esci Warsaw Pact soldiers.

  Next up will be Americans or MEA Insurgents.


  1. A tidy little force! These guys look like they mean business. Is this part of an expanding project, or...?

  2. If I can keep focused these chaps will get some Caesar Miniatures militia to fight with and against.

    I like Battlefield Evolution, I think they are an underestimated set of rules that have been stymied by the Mongoose pre-paint miniatures debacle and the modern warfare "fantasy" feel.

    But I personally like the opportunity to field jet fighters and various modern/near future exotica and was quite disappointed when Force on Force ( quite realistically ) didn't have scope for such delights.

    Thanks for your interest Ion.