Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Modern Americans

Here is my US Army 1000 points force for Battlefield Evolution. Caesar Miniatures plastics and an M1 tank from that magazine Altaya models I think. I know it's a Marine M1A1 but it will do for me.

After I painted the UCP  uniform I found out that the US Army are going to change it. Oh well.


  1. That's one of the big problems I have with wargaing. The military never seems to stay still for a long enough time. That is why Imagi-Nations is so attractive...

    1. Yes, I agree.
      This project is to be done "tongue in cheek" anyway so I'm not so bothered really.
      I'm planning to use models that are in development or don't even exist (like the Italeri MiG-37 Ferret and the cancelled Comanche helicopter) so it is a sort of Imagi-nation project after all.

      Thanks for your comments,