Thursday, 5 July 2012

Battlefield Evolution Modern Combat - Action!

I managed to get a quick game today...

 The MEA advance.
 The Americans move through the rocks.
 The MEA Green Berets.
 A US Army squad.

 US squads advance to take the building.

 First blood to the Yanks - a T-62 is destroyed by the M1.
 The Americans reach the compound.
 And support on the flank.
 The MEA right flank. The snipers were especially effective here.
 M1 Abrams.
 A Javelin takes out the Scorpion Tank.
 The second T-62 is ko'd by the M1.
The Americans win, but only just.

Not a bad game, I do need more terrain (cover) and some helicopters, planes and vehicles.

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