Monday, 23 July 2012

Fantasy Battle

After a very successful experiment using Warhammer for Napoleonics I decided to get out some of my Warhammer Fantasy Battles stuff.

However upon reading my army lists I baulked at the detail of all the special rules ( getting old ! ) that I would have to remember. It is a long time since I played WFB and I just didn't fancy it although the table was set up and the armies deployed.

I then recalled a fast play set of rules that I sketched out over three years ago whilst recuperating from heart surgery. So I found them and had a quick read through, game on...

 Chaos versus Vampire Counts - here are some shots of the game plus some staged shots, the models are mainly Games Workshop with some Reaper too.
 A couple of Reaper miniatures.
 The leaders battle.
 A vampire gets chopped up!.
 Clash of the knights.
 Look behind you!.
 Zombies fight the beast men.
 A Reaper ghost haunts the graveyard.
 A zombie with a headache.
 Chaos knights.
 The Chaos general.
 Black Knights.
 Beast Man.
 Chaos marauders.
 Chaos knights.

 Bat swarm.
 Dragon Ogre.
 Vampire Countess.
A Reaper Demon.

Not a bad game, but I may invest in Kings of War from Mantic Games.

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  1. Nice figures, always had a secret yearning to do WHFB-but all that painting !. The Mantic free rules look interesting .