Sunday, 22 July 2012

Napoleonic battles using Warhammer

Today I had a small game to see if Warhammer would be good for Napoleonic wargames...

 The French on the left in columns screened by their skirmishers advance against the Prussian lines.
 Mainly Esci with some Airfix and Italeri soldiers from the eighties and early nineties these fellows are real veterans.
 The opposing Dragoons clash.
 Prussian guns.
 Les Bleus advance.
 The columns manage to defeat the lines.

 The Prussian infantry break.
 The Prussian cavalry got the better of the French but the battle was lost by then.
A long shot of the table shows the rout of the Prussians.

I used very few amendments to a mash up of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, English Civil War and Ancient Battles and I reckon the system works really well for a small brigade sized clash.

The rank bonus gives the column attack a good feel and the solid mechanics make for an entertaining game.
When I finally paint my 28mm Napoleonics I think that I will use Warhammer for my games.


  1. I always like your table set up and the soldiery thereon, Paul, but what especially caught my eye was the town. From whence can one acquire such splendid architectural edifices that are obviously the pride of its burghers? I am supposing they are card, and not plastic or resin...

    1. Thanks Ion, the buildings are card models by Schreiber-Bogen from Germany and were made for me by my wife over twenty years ago.

      There is a link on the other blog and I'll put one on here too.


    2. Thanks. Schreiber-Bogen: I must look it up...