Thursday, 16 August 2012

Battle Fleet : Atlantic in action!.

Here is a scenario adapted from the Battle Fleet Gothic rule book, it involves an attempt to breakout through a blockade.

 Scharnhorst and Prinz Eugen dash for the open seas hoping to evade the Royal Navy.
 The Prince of Wales comes into range of the Scharnhorst.
 The British battleship locks on to the Scharnhorst.
 HMS Hood gets into position for a broadside.
 The Scharnhorst takes heavy damage from all that fire power, losing B turret and catching fire.
 The Tribal class destroyers launch torpedoes into the fray.
 But the Prinz Eugen passes a leadership test and goes "Full Steam Ahead" narrowly avoiding the torpedoes. These torpedo markers are from Battlefleet Gothic, I will make some soon.
 The Prinz Eugen also carries torpedoes and launches them at the Prince Of Wales but they don't inflict any critical damage.
 The destroyers have successfully reloaded and relaunch torpedoes at the Prinz Eugen.
 Oh dear!. The Prinz Eugen suffers a massive explosion and sinks.
 The Scharnhorst looks on, the fire is out and B turret repaired but the Royal Navy are closing in.
The end, the Scharnhorst is reduced to a drifting wreck.


  1. I can imagine the Royal Navy finding that a refreshing little action - two sunk for little (if any) damage to themselves. And the Mighty 'Hood' survived!

    Nice pictures!

  2. Thanks Ion, it probably wasn't the most balanced game but it was a lot of fun.

  3. Good stuff

    Have you thought (or would you get the chance) of playing in a school hall

    1. Na, my knees and back couldn't cope with it.