Thursday, 30 August 2012

Still busy with the ships.

I haven't done much in the way of a game for a couple of weeks but I have painted up a couple of battleships and made some torpedo markers too.

 HMS King George V on the left and the Tirpitz.
 I glued the turrets on pointing in various directions to aid easy recognition from the KGV's sister ship.
 The Tirpitz is a Revell Bismarck but is really the Tirpitz as she has torpedo tubes amidships.
 I didn't match the blue on my torpedo markers with the blue sheet very well but I will be able to see them easier.

I have finalised the rules and ship stats also, the only area that needs testing is the air attack section.


  1. I'd be interested to see how your rules handle air attacks. I daresay the scale you have here you could go down to flights of 3 or 4 aircraft, if not to individual aircraft themselves. I've still to work out a simple method for my 'Jono's World' naval actions.