Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The fleets are ready

A brace of Battlecruisers arrived in the post on Friday, they are both Revell Gneisenaus and I intended to use one as the Scharnhorst but upon checking the model out it seems that the Revell Gneisenau is really the Scharnhorst.

I used the internet to find plans for the two sister ships who although being sisters were definitely not twins.
Any way the conversion was made much easier than it would have been if the model had been accurate.

Don't get me wrong, the Revell model is very good and more sturdy than the Airfix 1/1200 ships.

 My German fleet.
 My British fleet.
 A Tribal class Destroyer.
 HMS Ark Royal.
 HMS Suffolk.
 The mighty Hood.
  HMS Prince of Wales.

I might get some games in soon, I love battleships, me!...


  1. Very nice fleets, Paul. There's something about the old battlewagons that the evokes a sense of wistfulness at their passing, much as the passing of steam locomotives and traction engines has done. I'm wondering if anyone does the Graf Zeppelin? You know: for a 'what if' campaign (not that the real thing would have survived long had it indeed been completed)...

    1. Thanks Ion, good idea!.
      I'll have to check my Janes book now to see if I could possibly convert a model into a passable Graf Zeppelin.