Thursday, 13 September 2012

Shaw's Rifles

Another diversion, Song of Drums and Shakos came through the letterbox the other day ( a 20% off voucher from Lulu ) so I painted up a small portion of the pile and had a short game this afternoon.

The game was a contest for a ford between British Riflemen and French Voltigeurs, the points were unequal in favour of the British as I painted them before the rule book arrived, but I put them on the table anyway.

 Shaw leads his men towards the ford.
 The French deploy.
 Four men make to cross the ford covered by two of their comrades.
 Shaw sends three riflemen to outflank the ford.
 Victrix French 1805-1807.
 Taking position beside the barn Shaws' men start shooting.
 And shooting.
 Perry plastic riflemen.
 French officer.
 The rifles were very effective in this game.
 Five Frenchmen are killed.
 Cotton wool was used to mark discharged weapons.
 Shaw on the right has a Victrix French head.
 An overview of the battlefield.
 A good set of rules with lots of potential.

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