Sunday, 22 January 2012

WW1 Battlecruisers

 Here is a game I haven't played for about 12 years. I resurrected it for a fellow wargamer and blogger Stanley Steve who is currently interested in the period. The ships are Davco (Skytrex) 1/3000th and the rules are my own pretentiously named Iron Ships and Iron Men.

 The paint job doesn't stand up to close scrutiny!.

 The German squadron has been quite roughed up and steam away from the action.
The British squadron are less battered but HMS Tiger is reduced to half speed and has a turret destroyed.

I did enjoy that short encounter, I used to use glossy blue painted boards but had to make do with an old curtain, I think it's a good shade of blue though.

Saturday, 7 January 2012


When I started wargaming it was a made up game using my Airfix model tanks. I was probably about 13 or 14 years old. When I was 15 I bought Bruce Quarries Tank Battles in Miniature 2 which concerns the Eastern Front in WW2. I was bought a selection of GHQ tanks and SPGs and made a winter landscape using ceiling tiles and garden twigs. I painted the tanks badly and played some enjoyable games with them.

I fancied a game capturing some the the simplicity and fun of those early battles and so came up with the idea of a free for all scenario with random deployments and unit entry. I used Rapid Fire! rules without any pesky infantry, anti-tank guns and other complications like morale.

 Where it started.
 The newish and the old.
 A German Panther unit is first on.
SU-152s next.
 Another unit of Panthers arrive on the flank of the SU-152s.
 And do a bit of damage.
 A T-34 unit arrives next. One of these dates from when I was about 13 years old!.
The T-34s have a success.
 Kazinsky's SU-152s fight back.
 StuGs arrive behind the T-34s.
 And do a lot of damage.
 The Russian heavies arrive and target the Panthers.
 A hard fight between the Panthers and the SU_152s.
 The German SPAT unit arrives.
But are flanked by a unit of JSU-152s.
 An overview of the table :- no secure flanks in this game.
 The StuGs advance

 The StuGs are destroyed by the JS-2s.
 The Russians have won but only just.

Here are the original GHQ 1/285th scale models that I used all those years ago.

JS-2s in both scales.

And Jagdpanthers too.

True veterans these I did repaint them about 10 years ago.