Friday, 27 July 2012


In a moment of weakness on Tuesday I bought myself the Airfix Sink the Bismarck set of 1/1200 scale ships plus a Revell Duke of York.

After much glueing and a little bit of cursing I got them undercoated this morning and despite having to cut the grass in the back garden I managed to paint a couple of them.

 Prinz Eugen in the foreground and HMS Suffolk.
 I found these kits quite fiddly to build.

Well, getting them built and painted is one thing but getting a game with them on my 6x4 table is going to be quite a challenge.

Watch this space...

Monday, 23 July 2012

Fantasy Battle

After a very successful experiment using Warhammer for Napoleonics I decided to get out some of my Warhammer Fantasy Battles stuff.

However upon reading my army lists I baulked at the detail of all the special rules ( getting old ! ) that I would have to remember. It is a long time since I played WFB and I just didn't fancy it although the table was set up and the armies deployed.

I then recalled a fast play set of rules that I sketched out over three years ago whilst recuperating from heart surgery. So I found them and had a quick read through, game on...

 Chaos versus Vampire Counts - here are some shots of the game plus some staged shots, the models are mainly Games Workshop with some Reaper too.
 A couple of Reaper miniatures.
 The leaders battle.
 A vampire gets chopped up!.
 Clash of the knights.
 Look behind you!.
 Zombies fight the beast men.
 A Reaper ghost haunts the graveyard.
 A zombie with a headache.
 Chaos knights.
 The Chaos general.
 Black Knights.
 Beast Man.
 Chaos marauders.
 Chaos knights.

 Bat swarm.
 Dragon Ogre.
 Vampire Countess.
A Reaper Demon.

Not a bad game, but I may invest in Kings of War from Mantic Games.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Napoleonic battles using Warhammer

Today I had a small game to see if Warhammer would be good for Napoleonic wargames...

 The French on the left in columns screened by their skirmishers advance against the Prussian lines.
 Mainly Esci with some Airfix and Italeri soldiers from the eighties and early nineties these fellows are real veterans.
 The opposing Dragoons clash.
 Prussian guns.
 Les Bleus advance.
 The columns manage to defeat the lines.

 The Prussian infantry break.
 The Prussian cavalry got the better of the French but the battle was lost by then.
A long shot of the table shows the rout of the Prussians.

I used very few amendments to a mash up of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, English Civil War and Ancient Battles and I reckon the system works really well for a small brigade sized clash.

The rank bonus gives the column attack a good feel and the solid mechanics make for an entertaining game.
When I finally paint my 28mm Napoleonics I think that I will use Warhammer for my games.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Battlefield Evolution Modern Combat - Action!

I managed to get a quick game today...

 The MEA advance.
 The Americans move through the rocks.
 The MEA Green Berets.
 A US Army squad.

 US squads advance to take the building.

 First blood to the Yanks - a T-62 is destroyed by the M1.
 The Americans reach the compound.
 And support on the flank.
 The MEA right flank. The snipers were especially effective here.
 M1 Abrams.
 A Javelin takes out the Scorpion Tank.
 The second T-62 is ko'd by the M1.
The Americans win, but only just.

Not a bad game, I do need more terrain (cover) and some helicopters, planes and vehicles.