Sunday, 16 September 2012

Surprise Attack - Battle Fleet : Atlantic

 A scenario from the Battle Fleet Gothic rulebook, the German force is lying up beside a small rocky island, the Scharnhorst is on full alert and the Gneisenau and Prinz Eugen are at anchor.
 A British force consisting of the Hood, Ark Royal and the Suffolk arrive at speed and attack the Prinz Eugen. The compass marker above is checking to see if a broadside is possible.

 After much shelling the Ark Royal launches her planes at the stricken Prinz Eugen.
 A roll on the Catastrophic Damage table sees the Prinz Eugen explode and sink!.
 The Scharnhorst fires to no great effect.

 The Scharnhorst takes heavy fire killing many crew as the hull is breached twice and a fire breaks out on board.
 The Gneisenau steams into action but the fire still burns aboard the Scharnhorst.
 The mighty Hood takes hits from the Gneisenau but no critical damage.
 The Hood beats a leadership test to lock on to the Gneisenau and rolls six hits from a broadside of eight guns. Two damage points each!.
 Three critical damage results occur from the twelve damage points causing steering damage and A turret to be out of action and also a fire on board.
 The German battlecruisers return fire from either side of the island but don't achieve much.
 HMS Hood and HMS Suffolk under fire.
 Both the Hood and the Suffolk manage to lock on to the Gneisenau reducing the stricken ship to a drifting wreck.
 The Scharnhorst is still burning taking damage from the fire each turn.
 After some failures the Ark royal passes her test to relaunch her aircraft. They attack the Scharnhorst.
Four out of the five flights press home their attack and the badly damaged Scharnhorst explodes and sinks.
The three white dice are the flak guns requiring 4,5 or 6 to drive off a flight of attacking planes.The four red dice are the attacks made by the four remaining flights of planes, each have three deducted from them so only the six rolled caused three points of damage on the Scharnhorst which only had two points remaining.
With no damage points left the ship had to roll on the Catastrophic Damage table with the two red dice to the top left of the picture, the score of nine means that the ship explodes and sinks.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Shaw's Rifles

Another diversion, Song of Drums and Shakos came through the letterbox the other day ( a 20% off voucher from Lulu ) so I painted up a small portion of the pile and had a short game this afternoon.

The game was a contest for a ford between British Riflemen and French Voltigeurs, the points were unequal in favour of the British as I painted them before the rule book arrived, but I put them on the table anyway.

 Shaw leads his men towards the ford.
 The French deploy.
 Four men make to cross the ford covered by two of their comrades.
 Shaw sends three riflemen to outflank the ford.
 Victrix French 1805-1807.
 Taking position beside the barn Shaws' men start shooting.
 And shooting.
 Perry plastic riflemen.
 French officer.
 The rifles were very effective in this game.
 Five Frenchmen are killed.
 Cotton wool was used to mark discharged weapons.
 Shaw on the right has a Victrix French head.
 An overview of the battlefield.
 A good set of rules with lots of potential.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Air power for Battle Fleet : Atlantic

 The planes from the Airfix Ark Royal kit have been based and painted.
 Attacking the Prinz Eugen.
 The stalks are cut up lengths of sprue and although they are a bit thick they are quite strong.
 HMS Ark Royal.
 Mmm, that line on the deck isn't too straight.

 Attacking the Gneisenau.

 Approaching the Tirpitz.

Anyway I have tested the rules, both my own original rules and those from Battle Fleet : Gothic and have found the latter to be much better, simple and elegant with reasonable results.

 That will do for me.