Thursday, 18 October 2012

Song of blades and heroes - more Ganesha goodness.

I threw together five small war bands today and had some fine games.

 Nanoc's barbarians, likely lads.
 The Zuagiri.
 The Gorgon.
 The Aquilonians.
 The Demon.
 The Aquilonian assassin lies in wait.
 Ooh, er...
 Top of the heap.
 Snakes in the sand.
 Battle amidst the ruins.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Song of Drums and Shakos game tonight.

Here are some posed shots after a game tonight involving a French force escorting a wagon being attacked by Shaw and his riflemen.

 I copied the idea of using measuring sticks sized to fit 40mm models for my 28mm and I also copied the red, white and blue paint job from this site.   Canister and Grape blog

A fine rule system this and very suitable for solo play.