Sunday, 27 January 2013

Commands and Colors - more than a fad!.

It's about a year since I bought myself a copy of Memoir '44, it cost me nothing in a way as it was bought with a cashback gift card, so I thought it was worth trying it out.

Now I've never looked back and have played these games a heck of a lot over the last twelve months.
My collection since Christmas now consists of this...

Easy to set up, put away and store. I really enjoy the system, they give some interesting and exciting games that have a narrative that is very entertaining to me.

I decided that I would like to get hold of the Napoleonic game but it was very hard to find anyone who had it in stock. There were rumours of a reprint but no sign of it hitting the shops, anyway I found a copy and sent for it. Now I couldn't really justify the expense so it has to be put away for my birthday... in AUGUST!!!.

My lovely wife wrapped it and now I have to look at this everyday...

    Oh dear.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Chucking out time !

I bought this recently...
Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age

as a pdf from

I've had three trial games this week (on holiday), but I don't care for them at all.
Never mind they were only $5 and are still quite interesting as a read but the rules are very bland.

It did get me thinking though, and I decided to have a bit of a clean out of wargames stuff that is never used.

I binned all of my plastic Napoleonics and Colonials, mostly badly painted and quite unloved. My 2mm stuff went too as well as other bits and pieces.

My 15mm and 6mm Ancients got a reprieve as the bin got rather full.

I know it seems harsh but I seem to be playing and enjoying the Commands and Colors boardgames most of the time nowadays.