Sunday, 24 March 2013

Axis and Allies - War at Sea with 1/1200th models

 This morning I spent an hour or so drawing a grid on the underside of the blue sheet that I use for my naval wargames. Now I can play the game in various scales.
 I made the sectors six inch squares which made a standard War at Sea board to fit my 6x4 table. I can now fit my 1/1200th scale ships into the sectors, just!.
 The 1/1800th scale ships that came with the game have much more room too.
 More War at Sea models from the starter set.
 And some more, I don't care much for the submarines base, though.
 1/1200th scale Musashi just fits.
 1/3000th scale models from Navwar.

 The Graf Spee and a Tribal class destroyer, 1/3000th scale.
 HMS Hood, from Airfix.

 HMS Suffolk and a Tribal class destroyer, 1/1200th scale.

 I found that I could get the a copy of the stat cards on line from the Axis and Allies forumini, I'll put a link to it in the links section.