Sunday, 7 April 2013

Axis and Allies War at Sea in the Pacific.

 I managed to get in a game today, I didn't take photos during the game but I did some staged shots afterwards.
 USS Enterprise and USS Fletcher passing a Pacific island.
 US Navy planes attack the Japanese battleship Yamato.
 A Japanese sub lurks behind an island.
 IJN planes attack the USS Iowa.
 My planes are plastic spares saved from the carriers.
 Japanese carrier Shinano, I see it's now back in the shops.
 USS Missouri and USS Fletcher.
 Air combat above the US destroyer.
 USN air power.
 My Japanese RO-50 sub and USS Fletcher both metal models recently bought from
I've put a link in for them.
 I had a look in Modelzone today and picked up some bargains. I know that I won't be able to wargame with the 1:570 HMS Prince of Wales but for £3.99 it'll be fun to build, I might not even paint it!.

Oh, and C&C Napoleonics is still waiting on top of the wardrobe, the balloons are going down now, roll on August!.


  1. I live in Newport RI and am about 1 mile from the Naval War Collage. I went to a yard sale last week bought 10 lead miniature war ships they seem to be fairly old and have names of the ships stamped on the bottom in a dark blue ink. What are the chances they might have been used by the military or is it more likely they were just part of a game.

  2. It would be great if they were military, I don't know how you would find out for sure.
    Good luck.