Thursday, 25 April 2013

Charge! - English Civil War

I had a quick ECW battle today but instead of using Warhammer ECW rules I used Charge.

 Parliamentarian soldiers. The toys are a mix of Foundry, Essex,QT, Hinchcliffe and Irregular.
 A Royalist foot regiment.
 A cavalry clash is imminent.
 Hampdens Greencoats ?.
 A view down the battlefield, Royalists on the left.
 A Royalist regiment look on as the horsemen clash.
 A fierce melee ensues.
 Cromwell getting his ear bent by a puritan preacher.
 Surprisingly the larger Royalist cavalry unit are defeated and the survivors fall back.
 The victorious roundheads rally in place.
 The infantry lines are closing up now.
 A small unit of firelocks attack a Royalist gun crew!.

 But are seen off by a blast.
 The infantry firefight continues.
 The Parliamentarian cavalry threaten the Royalist flank.
 The Royalist Green regiment are defeated, the enemy cannon close by did not help them.
 In the middle of all this our son John came home from school in a stretched limo, just for having good attendance, he had a nice time though.
 The cavalry charge the gun and put the crew to the sword.
 Another Royalist regiment is defeated.
Great game!, fast and furious, I used my amendments to suit the smaller table and rolled dice to see if pikemen or musketeers were hit. The amendments are on Pauly Waulys Wargames Blog (see link) which is entirely devoted to 18th century battles using "Charge!, or how to play war games" by Lawford and Young.

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