Saturday, 20 April 2013

Cold War Commander 1973

 Looking south in to the desert the Egyptians and the Israelis deploy.
 Israeli infantry - GHQ vehicles and Irregular Miniatures US Vietnam period infantry.
 GHQ Centurions
 Israeli Phantoms buzz the oasis - Heroics and Ros models.
 Most of these models belonged to my cousin Brad from Australia who bought them while visiting us in the UK  probably about 1977, he took them home with him and very generously gave them to me to bring home when I visited them in 1981.Well travelled models,eh!.
 Egyptian BMPs GHQ with Irregular Soviet infantry.
 Egyptian T62 tanks.
 Egyptian command and artillery.
Egyptian SU-7 - Heroics and Ros model.

 BRDM1s with SAGGER missiles.
 Egyptian T55s.
Roaring overhead shaking those palm trees around!.

Game on tonight, but first I'm going to do some work in the garden.

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