Monday, 22 April 2013

CWC 1973 - Saturday nights game

After a series of good command rolls the Egyptian battlegroup rolled forward but in subsequent turns they failed to manoeuvre and spent the rest of the battle shooting from static positions.

In contrast the Israeli command checks were mostly passed and that made all the difference to the outcome. The IDF CO had a command rating of 10, the HQs 9, while the Egyptians CO was 9 and the HQs 8, not a lot of difference on paper but a big difference when the dice fly.
 The Israeli infantry hurtles forward and occupies the village.
 Israeli bazooka fire is very successful against the BMPs.
 The Egyptian T-55 unit comes under fire from the IDF tanks.
Egyptian air strike suppresses the Israeli carriers but fails to do much damage.
 Friendly fire from the Egyptian BM-21 unit makes the situation even worse.
 The tank battle in the centre sees many Egyptian T62s ko'd
 An Israeli air strike finishes off the BMPs.
 The T-55 unit is done for too.
 Israeli artillery impacts.
 Some close ups of the toys.

 Irregular Miniatures trucks.

 BRDMs with SAGGER missiles had an early success but failed to act afterwards.

 Israeli M113 carriers.

 Israeli command tank passes a burning BMP.
As a game it was okay, but it didn't inspire me much. Previous games had seen the Israelis totally outmanouevre and outgun the Egyptians so I did tweak the command rules by using the "Black Powder" form whereby only one command roll is made per unit and all units in range and LOS get to shoot once. I thought that this would balance the game much more but it was still a walkover for the IDF.

I'll give it another go sometime and maybe make the command ratings equal.


  1. We've had the same sort of experience with BKC from time to time. In two games in a row, one a month after the other, it was the German with command ratings of 9 an 10 who managed, against all odds to blunder or fail almost every roll while the lower rated Russians ran roughshod over them almost without resistance.

    What we ended doing was ruling that a failure on the first command roll other than a blunder or if initiative had been used, allowed 1 action but no reroll for a 2nd action. At least it started to feel like there were 2 players in the game.

    1. Excellent idea Ross, I'll definitely try your amendment next time.

      Thank you very much for your advice.