Saturday, 1 June 2013

Kings of War - English Civil War

 Today I tried out Mantic Games Kings of War for a small English Civil War battle. Here are a few shots of the game.

 Prince Ruperts Bluecoats take a lot of punishment and break.
 The Royalist horse break their opposite numbers but tear off in pursuit leaving the battle far behind.
 Within close musket range the firefight heats up.
 Parliamentarian cannon on the high ground.
 Sir Alan Apsleys foot regiment negotiating a hill.
This Parliamentarian unit wavers under fire from two Royalist regiments.

A good game which had some flavour of the period and certainly felt right.


  1. Paul - sorry, only just found your other blog, but saw you had not visited it for a while so I came here instead :-)

    I use Zvezda GNW for my Imagi's, so it means that I have some boxes (3 I think) of the Italeri French AWi infantry floating around, and I saw on your other blog you lamenting their availability. If you are interested do please just let me know and I will try to drag them out.

    Marc dot flack at bdo dot co dot uk

    Otherwise, keep up the good work :-)

    1. Thanks very much for your offer Marc, but I think my imagination project is finished ( there are too many to fit on my little table ).

      Thanks again,