Thursday, 25 July 2013

1/300th scale Team Bravo

 I recently sketched out some rules for modern micro armour and tried them out today. The Soviets deploy above.
 The Americans deploy.
 Apaches looking for a juicy target.
 Soviet tanks take the high ground.
 Bradleys taking shelter in the farm take casualties.
 This US tank unit takes the high ground in the centre of the battlefield. A unit dices and may take one or two actions as a result. An action is a move, a shot, reloading an ATGM, debussing, taking off, landing and various other things and this system is the heart of the rules. All the rest is basic dice to hit, dice to kill and simple movement and morale rules.
 They hit these tanks hard.
 Then take aim on the BMPs lurking amongst the ruins.
 With great effect.
 The Soviets have only a few units left.
 Some infantry that have lost their tracks.
And one platoon hiding.
Battle over.

I have some work to do on these rules but they are promising.


  1. Although I don'r 'do' 'micro-armour' myself, I'm interested to see how they pan out, and whether they might be translatable into larger scales...

    1. I was working on the rules last night and they are now on the computer. I still have some work to do though, it's quite hard to keep a complex subject within simple rules.

      The rules should work for larger scales, one model vehicle represents one vehicle and a stand of soldiers a squad.

      I'll post them soon.

      Thanks for your interest,