Sunday, 21 July 2013

English Civil War - new models with the old.

I haven't posted for a while but I have been busy. Here is a Parliamentarian general made from spare Warlord plastics.
 Parliamentarian Horse, a mix of new Warlord plastics and old Essex metals.

 Another view of the general.
 A Royalist general from Foundry, I've had him many years but never had a horse for him so I put him on a Warlord plastic one.
 Foundry Royalist Horse.
 Warlord plastics with Essex metals, they mix quite well.

 A completely new unit, Lord Brookes Purplecoats- Renegade Miniatures.
 A closer view.

 I got the flag from Quindia via the internet.

Next up will be Old Robins Foot in their tawny coats.

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