Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Run through the jungle - Bolt Action style.

 I played my first game of Warlord Games' Bolt Action today, I've had the rules since Christmas but have been busy with other stuff. Anyway, in typical form for me* I decided to play the rules out of period and used them for a Vietnam encounter.

* I played my first game of Warhammer fantasy rules, DBA and Black Powder using my English Civil War collection.
 I used Esci plastics, currently available under  the Italeri and possibly Revell labels.
 I kept the game very simple with small units similarly armed but with differing experience levels.
 Very nice rules in my opinion, simple, straight forward and very suitable for solo play.
 Instead of using pin markers I just laid a soldier down for each pin marker.
 In the middle of this a neighbours cat came for a sleep. He wasn't very happy with me making a noise with the order dice in the cup. I must get a softer cup or line the one I'm using for him!.
 I downloaded the hooch from Miniature Wargames.

 Don't push this guy!.
 Esci made some nice figures.
 A wounded soldier in each set.
 "Run through the jungle", well you can only advance through such terrain in Bolt Action.
My birthday present is still there on top of the cupboard, the balloons went flat but Carol put some ribbons on.
Only two weeks to go!!!.


  1. Nice - I like your out of period use of rules; I plan to use Bolt Action for WW1 and also possibly RJW. Best, Dean

    Oh, and great looking figs are terrain!

    1. Thanks Dean, I recently used BA for a modern game, making it up as I went along really but they worked very well.

      I'll look forward to seeing you use them for those earlier periods, I think the rules will work very well for them.

      Thanks again, Paul.