Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bolt Action again

Today I got out some of my WW2 28mm collection for a game of Bolt Action. The snag is that my infantry are all multi based on 50mm round stands forcing me to use markers instead of removing casualties.

It looks like I'll have to rebase...


  1. Nice figures and game - I've been perusing the 'net to see anyone playing BA with multi-figure bases. Mine are singles on washers, but am tired of moving singles all the time; I like the look of the 50mm rounds with 3-figs per. I may build sabots for mine. How was using markers for casualties? Best, Dean

    1. Dean, I'm sorry to say that I hacked up most of those bases and rebased them onto singles. It is easier that way to see who is armed with what and much easier than using casualty figures as markers.
      I did keep the weapons teams on the 50mm round bases, though.

      Thanks for your interest,
      Regards, Paul.