Sunday, 24 March 2013

Axis and Allies - War at Sea with 1/1200th models

 This morning I spent an hour or so drawing a grid on the underside of the blue sheet that I use for my naval wargames. Now I can play the game in various scales.
 I made the sectors six inch squares which made a standard War at Sea board to fit my 6x4 table. I can now fit my 1/1200th scale ships into the sectors, just!.
 The 1/1800th scale ships that came with the game have much more room too.
 More War at Sea models from the starter set.
 And some more, I don't care much for the submarines base, though.
 1/1200th scale Musashi just fits.
 1/3000th scale models from Navwar.

 The Graf Spee and a Tribal class destroyer, 1/3000th scale.
 HMS Hood, from Airfix.

 HMS Suffolk and a Tribal class destroyer, 1/1200th scale.

 I found that I could get the a copy of the stat cards on line from the Axis and Allies forumini, I'll put a link to it in the links section.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hyborian Age Warhammer and Axis and Allies War at Sea

 Aquilonians and Nemedians advancing to battle.
 I am working on various modifications to Warhammer to suit my view of the Hyborian Age.
 I do prefer less deep formations as is the norm in Warhammer, I suppose it's a throw back to the days when we played a lot of WRG Ancients 5th edition.
 King Conan with the gold lion on his shield.
 The battle lines clash.
 Aquilonian longbows.

 Conan and his knights charge home, he slays the Nemedian commander and the survivors scatter.
 A very recent addition to my repertoire is Axis and Allies War at Sea.
 I quite like these rules and the semi strategic feel of the battles being based around sectors.
 The components of the starter set aren't bad but I may make a large board with larger sectors.
 A "Betty" bomber attacks HMAS Nizam.
Japanese cruiser Haguro.