Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Black Powder battle with 18th Century imaginary armies

 Today I had a game of Black Powder with my very old 15mm 18th century collection.
 This was an early "imaginations" project dating from about 1988. It featured the armies of the Grand Duchy of Normagnia and the Electorate of Falzstadt. They are mainly uniformed in white and red respectively.
 The armies consist mainly of Warrior Miniatures with some Peter Laing models too.
 I used a figure ratio of 1:100 and some simple homemade rules.
 Grand Duke Louis and his adolescent son Jean-Luc, a much smaller Peter Laing model.
 Mercenary foot fighting for Falzstadt.
 An Airfix Captain Cook from the Bark Endeavour kit that I made as a boy commands one of the guns. He's the chap in brown strides.
The cavalry clash as the game hots up.

I didn't take any more photos but it was a very good game indeed.