Sunday, 6 October 2013

More Flames of War

 I roughly copied my Corgi 1/50th scale Tiger when I painted these Plastic Soldier Company 1/100th scale Tigers. I do need to get some transfers for my vehicles but I'll do that when they're all painted.
 A Revell Me 262.
 The Me 262 doesn't fit in with the Open Fire army lists but it will still see action from time to time.
 V1 from the Open Fire boxed set.
 Tonight's game... No planes,  roughly equal points, I don't really like points values. Here's a German platoon with Tigers in support.
 Stugs and HQ occupy the church yard.
 Pak 40's and another infantry platoon on the right flank.
 British Shermans advance.
 Tally Ho!.
 More Shermans with US Paras in support.
 The Paras are especially tough fighters.
 The shooting starts.
 A Stug brews up and another is bailed out.
 The Brits are under fire.
 A British tank bails out.
 The Germans on the right dig in as they come under fire.
 The British tanks blaze away at the German positions.
 Oh dear, the new unit does badly on its first time out.
 Another Stug KO'd.
The Americans take the objective after a fierce close quarters fight. Game Over.

I'm really enjoying this Flames of War project, I've approached it in a none too serious manner with quick paint jobs, easy basing and a "Commando" comic book feel.

Off to hospital tomorrow, five hours of heart surgery, back in a couple of days.