Thursday, 30 January 2014

War and Conquest in the Holy Land

I had another very entertaining game of War and Conquest on Sunday using my Romans again. I didn't take any photos, I just concentrated on the game.

Today I had another small game set during the First Crusade...

 The Crusader Knights charge into the Ghulams.
 The other Knights attempt to drive off the Turkomans.
 The battle lines approach.
 The Syrian line as the first Crusader Knights crash home.
 Christian spearmen advance.
 The Syrian Ahdath, very old models they are some of the first I ever bought and painted when I was fifteen or sixteen!.
 Some more recent aquisitions, Irregular Miniatures.
 After breaking through and destroying the Ghulams the victorious Knights smash into the second line of Ghulams.
 However the other Knights are frustrated as the Turkomans use feigned flight to avoid melee while wearing down the Knights with arrows.
 They are now badly depleted.
 The Ahdath charge into the Crusader spearmen.
 With the aid of the Syrian general the second line of Ghulams defeat the other unit of Knights.
 The Ahdath are defeated by the Crusader spearmen.
 The Ahdath flee taking the archers with them.
 The Turkomans fall back once more from a last desperate charge by the remaining Knights.
 Isolated and very vulnerable!.
 Surrounded, the remaining Knights are destroyed by a storm of arrows.
 The Ahdath spearmen and the archers rally.
 Arab javelinmen prepare to hurl their missiles at the enemy.
The Crusader general is defeated.

A great game, fast and furious, the rules are excellent.

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