Monday, 10 February 2014

Kings of War, Empire versus Orcs and Goblins.

 The Empire army.
 The Orcs and Goblins, both armies come to a little over 1100 points. Some units are a few models short but I don't care.
 An Orc archer troop attempts to cross the graveyard but are spooked!.
 The greenskins surge forward. The mammoth is using the stats of a giant!.
 Empire shooters occupy a ruined building.
 Crunch!, the Orc chariot gets smashed to matchwood.
 Boom!, the cannon scores a direct hit on the Orc Morax unit causing them to waver.
 Fleabag riders attack the Priest.
 Crunch again!, the mammoth gets stuck into the Empire Guards.
 Empire handgunners attempt to rescue the Priest.
 After killing the chariot the Knights destroy the Orc archer troop.
 The mammoth makes mincemeat of the Guards while the little Orclings attack the Empire general.
 The Dwarfs get stuck into the hated greenskins.
 Knights destroy the Orc archers.
 The Dwarfs finish off the Orc Morax.
 After destroying the Guards the mammoth attacks the cannon crew who had the temerity to shoot it.
 The Orc general desperately hurls himself at the Empire general.
 The fleabag riders meet their doom at the hands of the Knights.
 The other unit of Knights are returning to the fray.
The cannon crew somehow manage to survive long enough to be rescued by the aforementioned Knights. The red counter ( pool of blood ? ) shows that they are wavering.
I ran out of picture space after this but the Knights charged the mammoth in the bum and the Orcs were heavily defeated, 860 points to 250.

Great game, I must make some stands for them.

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