Thursday, 13 February 2014

More Kings of War

I had another cracking battle between the Empire army and the Orcs, this time a game of Kill and Pillage using some quickly made objective markers. No pics though.

Today I played another using Chaos warriors against the Empire, it was another great game, full of incident and fun.

Here are a few pictures taken on turn four...

 A Dragon Ogre standing in as Chaos spawn.
 Here's a unit chosen for me by my son for Fathers Day many years ago when he was really young, I really enjoyed painting them but they haven't seen much action. I used them as Dwarf Beserkers in tonights game. 
It was nice to get them on the table.

 Ghost lurk in the temple, I do like the dangerous terrain idea.
  Kings of War, love it!.


  1. Hi Paul, I seem to have missed your last few posts (I swear blogger didn't register them in my reading list). Anyhow, a great game. I'm building 50 figure armies at the moment for Conan games, what rules do you reckon would work for smallish battles? I don't game much, but could do with a simple set to try out with my son. I like figure removal rules rather than element based ones.

  2. Hi Springinsfeld,
    I also have a Conan project on a slow burner, I built some Gundermen and some Nemedian crossbows and swordsmen last week from Perry's plastic WOTR but I'm waiting for the weather to pick up to prime them outside.

    My armies are quite small and based around my Warhammer collection, there is a battle somewhere on this blog under the Hyboria label. I have used amended Warhammer for the rules and will probably stick with them.

    Warhammer uses figure removal as you probably know and I feel works best with smaller armies. I have tried to avoid supertroops and even Conan is beatable in combat.

    I have a version of the magic system in the works too in which I'm attempting to reflect the sorcery of the Hyborian Age.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your armies in action.



    1. Thanks Paul, do you know I never even considered Warhammer!! Too wrapped up in general disdain of GW to think about it. I have admired your GW Conan armied in the past, and was suprised how well the figures suited the troop types required eg. Nemedians are Germanic, so Empire troops fit the bill well. I hope to get my behind in gear and actually photograph the figures I've done so far (using pre-1983 models as far as possible).

    2. That would be great, I really like your Garrison Gundermen.

  3. I like the way these armies are presented - very nicely done. I was especially taken with the Dwarf unit...

    1. Thank you very much Archduke, it's always nice to hear from you.