Sunday, 23 February 2014

Still playing Kings of War!.

 I've played a couple more games of Kings of War this week, I used some of my 10mm Warmaster collection and converted all measurements from inches to centimetres.
 Most models are Games Workshop with some Pendraken and Irregular Miniatures.
 I used my 28mm Games Workshop Archaic Temple Ruins and some 40K trees as terrain pieces.
 I have discovered that horde sized units are quite resilient in Kings of War.
 There is a 15mm cannon in there too.
Empire wizard and flagellants.
The Tomb King sits in his ruins.
Empire commanders.
Skeletons shamble along.
The necromancer doesn't have to walk!.
Kings of War is a very, very enjoyable game and will get a lot of table time in our house.
Although I bought the hardcover rulebook, you can download the rules free from Mantic Games.

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  1. Excellent fun. I must wheel my 10mm Warmaster stuff out soon.